"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere."
By Chinese Proverb
Why Foreign Language
  • Individuals learning a foreign language exhibit a greater sense of respect for others who are different from themselves and, through their knack of conversing with others, affirm the dignity of individuals from different cultures.
  • Those who speak another language have a higher self image than those who speak only their native language.
  • Research studies have proved that multilingualism enhances the brain's functioning by improving cognitive flexibility.
  • Multilingual employees tend to fetch more business and also gain popularity with the clients.
  • Multilingual individuals have access to a world of travel, media, entertainment and culture, including myriad digital files available online.
  • Individuals who are travelling abroad for their work can immerse easily in the new environment and feel at ease.
  • French the spoken in five continents across the world, it does have a wider reach.
  • French is the only language to be taught across the world in schools.

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