"Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow."
By Oliver Wendell Holmes

Disha Shah (attended in Jan,2010)
"i liked grammar ..she made it very simplified i adore her pronounciation and also the practise sessions which made me more perfect in french . i would definetly recommend miss "

Jenil Jain (attended in Feb,2009)
"French being a foreign language, it is very important for one to have an ideal guidance from an experience teacher. Khusboo Shah (Mam) was indeed a perfect teacher for a beginer level student like me in French. It was my first year and second year of junior college I attended Khushboo Mam's classes and I scored very well in both the years to my surprise (90+ marks in both the years). One of the best teachers i have come across throughout my academic period. She was very much considerate and understanding with students and she made sure every basic thing of french was being taught effectively. Her notes were simple and yet brillianttly made. They helped me a lot during my both the years of french and yet I refer them whenever, the need for French understanding arises. To sum it up, Khusboo Mam is a very caring, flexible, expert in her field, fun and easy going teacher."

Hansika Shahani (attended in Apr,2009)
Khushboo Ma'am has been a good teacher to learn French from She made the language fun with using good short forms to learn the language. The passion she had for the language was passed on to the students. As a teacher shes just superb and humble at heart. Shes the best you can learn the language from."

Sejal Bhagwakar (attended in Jun,2007)
"Great teacher and Mentor... I hated studies but she explained so well I actually started scoring well... best part abt her it was never serious learning in her class...bestest teacher forever"