"To have another language is to possess a second soul."
By Charlemagne

Chikara Arai(attended in Apr,2013 )
"Her class is easy to understand and fun . She is the best language teacher in my life ."

Majula Alvares (attended in Jul,2013)
"Khushboo Ma'am is a great teacher. She has the expertise and a good command over the language. Also what I like about her is her friendly approach towards her students which makes learning French a much more fun experience. "

Pinal (attended in Feb,2012)
"Very good as a teacher n will explain things 10 times till you are nt clear with the concepts"

Sunny Jain (attended in Jul,2011 )
"I am highly obliged to write about khushboo mam.She is a very good teacher with ample knowledge.She has all the teaching skills.She is very calm and composed and very friendly too.My experience of learning french with her was amazing.In all a very talented teacher.Thank You!!"

Sanchit Mehta (attended in Jul,2011 )
"I liked the teaching style."

Ashni Sanghvi(attended in Jan,2011)
"Her way of teaching is very good. She explains the difficult things in the most simple way she can and keeps on repeating the lesson till we don't understand "