"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere."
Other Programs

Delf Preparation:
Complete guidance and coaching is provided for Delf exams. (DELF exams are official proficiency tests, awarded by French ministry of education.

What is DELF?
The DELF - (Diplome d'études en langue francaise) is the official French-language diploma awarded by France's Ministry of National Education. It is an international recognition of French proficiency with a certificate valid for life-time, no matter which country it is obtained from.

For College Students:
It is an ideal experience to get a lesson that perfectly fits your needs. Learn the college curriculum; prepare for your HSC exams. Regular tests, repetitive study, and practise sheets provided to make sure the students are well-prepared for the college exams.

Online Courses:
These days, everyone is pressed for time. Travelling time and distance, both make it more difficult to think of joining a new activity centre. Here is the solution. Sit back in the comfort of your zone and just log online and connect to us. We help you learn the language online with a live classroom session using whichever medium the students have access to( Skype, facetime, emails, etc.).

Hobby program:
Many people just wish to learn something new in life no matter their age. Learning should never stop. Discovering a new language opens up several avenues like travel, music, cinema, reading, etc. No matter how old you are, if you just wanna spend your time worthily and gain good knowledge, you are making the right choice. Join the HOBBY program now and chase your dreams of being more linguistic than ever. This will help not only gain self-confidence but also create a feeling within you that language learning is definitely worth it.

Emergency French Course
Professionals must often travel abroad at short notice. This one/two day intensive class is designed with the business executive in mind. It can be held at the weekend, either as a refresher course or to teach the basics of the language before a business trip.