"Ignite the fire in your child's mind and secure his future"

Why kids should attend My French Club

1. It is Fun while learning! Learning a language in school is nothing but grammar and vocabulary instructions to children. My French club programmes are designed keeping in mind what children enjoy the most like stories, rhymes, activity worksheets and games. Repetitive instruction ensures that kids have a strong base in the new langauge.

2. Play-way method! Today's kids love the sessions only when it is time to play too. Toddlers and young children learn, grow and develop communication skills through play. These sessions will help them understand the world and other cultures while they sing songs, read together and have a good time with friends. This gives them a head start to develop exponentially in all areas.

3. Old saying "Earlier the Better" ! Research studies have shown that children below the age of 10 are most receptive and excellent imitators. This means they have exceptional ability to pick up a foreign langauge. They pick up the language as smoothly as their mother tongue. A toddler can pick up to seven foreign languages at a time.

4. Improves confidence. Children love being proficient to correspond in a different language. My French Club encourages conversation, emulation, role-play and displaying their language skills right from day one. Children make lots of friends too!

5. Outstanding Communication Skills. Speaking and Listening is the foundation to language development. A broad and rich language curriculum ensures such skills are developed, leading to a good start in phonic work.

6. All Round Development! Kids who know multiple languages do gain academic and social advantage over those who are not exposed to many langauges.

7. Something more than just English! We call our world a global village today. Nothing is better than knowing the second most influential language of the world i.e. French. Imagine the avenues that open up. Give yourself or your family member an opportunity of a lifetime. Keep them ahead of their peers.

8. Equip them for the future! Proficiency in foreign languages is ever more valued by universities. Foreign langauges especially French is fast becoming compulsory in many schools and colleges across the world.

9. Family time! Lingotot program is the advantage for the whole family. A parent and child learn, play and bond together. The sessions are designed so that the parents can be fully engaged with the learning process of their tiny tots and carry on use of a new language together at home.

10. Lifetime acheivement! Learning another language offers a lifetime of possibilities and adventure.Minds open upto a new culture, music, media, literature, etc. It enhances future prospects in the corporate world.