"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way."
By Frank Smith
About Us

We provide educational programs and support for children and adults interested in learning and improving their French language skills. We help and guide you in becoming proficient and confident with speaking, reading and writing French.

French language is one of the most popular and second most influential languages in the world. My French club ensures you learn French in an entertaining way while you get introduced to a new culture too.

About the founder
Khushboo Shah has been teaching French language since 2003. She has a plethora of experience in teaching children, teenagers and adults at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, in both individual and group setups. She conducts coaching sessions for school and college students as well as professionals. She also works as a language translator and guest trainer for various reputed multiple companies and organizations.

From the founder's desk
Having been brought up in a family where multiple languages where spoken around, learning a foreign language was obviously desiring. Began my exploration of languages with learning French. French ...what a language...you ought to fall in love with the language!!! After gaining knowledge of the language it was not possible to hold the knowledge within me and not share it. Hence, I started teaching French ten years ago. Over the years I have had students from all groups. So here comes my idea of accumulating my experience in one bundle and presenting MY FRENCH CLUB.

The first thing that we wish to teach our baby is a language for communicating with us. I truly understood how important language is to young minds when my son starting speaking couple of words. I read and did my part of research on how children absorb languages easily. They can face more complex situation easily as they develop the ability to express themselves confidently when they are exposed to multiple languages. Research shows that children can pick upto seven languages at a time. You not only learn a foreign language but at the same time understand the complex nuances of your native language.

It's possible to learn a language at any age no matter what your reason is. Just need the passion to take you through the course. Through this club I wish to spread the love for languages and help every child or adult in their lessons for life.

Spread your wings and fly in the world. A new Language opens myriad of horizons and gives you a reason to hold your head high forever...

I welcome everyone to join My French Club to learn French no matter what is your reason. My French Club is open for all....

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